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Application and such.

Name: Sam
Location: Wallingford, Connecticut
Sex: Female.
Hobbies: Music, words, thoughts.

The Band Stuff
Clarinet, piano, mallet percussion.

Years played?
Seven, eight, two (respectively)

What bands are you in (marching, concert, ensemble etc)?
Marching band, Symphonic band, Percussion Ensemble.

Ever been/are you a drum major?
Nope. I like playing music too much to want to be one.

What chair are you?
I think I'm second chair for clarinet, out of eight, but I'm not entirely sure. >.>

Ever gone to band camp?

Tell me a good band story.
During band camp this year, my section, pit, was left alone way too much than we should have been, and we tended to get distracted. Instead of memorizing, practicing, or anything of the sort, we would end up doing things like figuring out rap songs on the marimba, and recording ringtones for each other's cell phones. After this had gone on for a couple days, we decided to make each other CDs, and play them while we were practicing. My section leaders' CDs both had the Spice Girls' song "Wannabe" on it, and, having sisters, they both knew all of the words. Long story short, one of the instructors walked in on the entire pit watching their section leaders sing and dance to the Spice Girls. I haven't laughed that much in a very long time.

What makes you so much more band geeky than the other band geeks?
I can't walk with someone without staying in step with them (and I didn't march this season at all), I can mark time to any song, and my friends and I say things like, "In your F Major 7th" and "Musical puns are my forte."

Opinion on "American Pie"?
I've never seen it... so I don't really have one.

Favorite Key?
Why? D Major. Because it's tremendously fun to play triples on marimba in D. >.>

The Other Stuff
Favorite singers/musicians/bands?
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, Dashboard Confessional, The Postal Service, Green Day, Death Cab for Cutie, John Mayer, Incubus, John Williams (both the composer and the classical guitarist)

Favorite movies?
Dogma, all three Saws, The Ring, One Hour Photo, Fight Club.

Favorite books?
The Catcher in the Rye, Fight Club, Cut, Running With Scissors.

Favorite class?
Music Theory - there's only eight people, and we're all hxc band geeks.

Promote this community in at least one place and post the link.
Link Link Link (I don't belong to any communities, so hopefully a link to the whole livejournal thing will work)

At least 3 of yourself please.
Preferably at least one should be band required, but this is not required.

Attractive. I know. But the picture is nifty.

We're weird. Really weird.

Our theme this year was Pirates. I'm the the kneeling girl in the middle. (The one that kind of looks possessed.)
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