Erika (invisiblemotion) wrote in 1sexybandgeek,

Name: Erika
Age: 16
Location: San Diego
Sex: female
Hobbies: Band, reading, track/running,music

The Band Stuff

Instrument(s)? Clarinet and a little alto sax, and bassoon soon
Years played? eight and six (on and off), respectively
What bands are you in (marching, concert, ensemble etc)? marching and concert
Ever been/are you a drum major? no,i love to march
What chair are you? second
Ever gone to band camp? yep
Tell me a good band story.
so last year our band went to a hertiage festival in san fran and after the performance we got to go to a theme park and then a dance. at the dance about 15 people from our band- mostly my friends and i- went to the center of the room and started playing ride ride ride that pony. by the end of it, we had almost 200 people playing. it was amazing, and just proof that one band kid is just like another.
What makes you so much more band geeky than the other band geeks?
oi picking one specific thing is really hard... um lets see... running upstairs after hearing a marching band on tv (turned out to be drumline), getting an adrenaline rush off of hearing our cadence, cheering when my friend and i aren't sharp, freaking out every single time the commercial with all the kids playing instruments come on (the clari player is a girl sitting in the back of a car), and getting an eleven inch clari on my letterman's jacket.
Opinion on "American Pie"? ugh.
Favorite Key? Why? Eb. not sure why, i just love to play it.

The Other Stuff
Favorite singers/musicians/bands?
pinback, anberlin, tegan & sara, daft punk, imogen heap, the format, stars, mannheim steamroller, real quiet, muse, snow patrol, mute math, mew
Favorite movies?
v for vendetta, life as a house, the princess bride, the prestige, brick
Favorite books?
crime and punishment, saint maybe, catcher in the rye, and its not really a book but much ado about nothing
Favorite class?
band. or history.
Promote this community in at least one place and post the link.

apparently i don't take pictures alone... so  these are all group shots :/
band camp this summer... i'm leaning to the left
again, band camp. leadership made a barrier to keep freshman off the field. i'm in the music note shirt.
my best friend showed up one day dressed like me. i'm on the left
i'm making the retarded peace sign in the back next to the guy

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