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The Queen DM

Name: Margaret
Age: 17
Location: WA, USA
Sex: Female
Hobbies: music, graphics making, asian dramas, enjoying life

The Band Stuff
Instrument(s)? Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
Years played? 10 years since I started playing the piano, and I've continued to learn new instruments since then.
What bands are you in (marching, concert, ensemble etc)? Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble.
Ever been/are you a drum major? Yes! I am currently the head drum major of our marching band, which is about 110 people.
What chair are you? 1st chair bari sax
Ever gone to band camp? 4 times. I led band camp in the summer of 2007.
Tell me a good band story. 
Okay, you'll love this one. In a local parade this fall, I was hit with a big surprise. It was about two and a half weeks before homecoming and I had never been to homecoming. I really wanted to go because it was my senior year, but I didn't have a date, and I didn't want to be the only single one in a group of couples. I also really wanted to go with the other drum major, because we were very close. So, we're preparing for the parade in a nearby parking lot, and I was looking around for George, the other drum major. He was standing in the middle of a circle of trumpets. I assumed that he was giving them a pep talk, so I went to talk to the clarinets. When I turned around, the circle of trumpets parted and he came forward with a HUGE boque of red roses and asked me if I would go to homecoming with him. I was sooooo happy. We ended up getting first place.
What makes you so much more band geeky than the other band geeks?
First of all, we don't call ourselved band geeks at my school. We are 'band-tards'. We take pride in the awards we win and we brag about how we get to go on field trips more than anyone else in the school. ALSO, I have to be at school at 6:30 in the morning everyday for Jazz Ensemble. Not a lot of other band people I know from other schools do that. And then, I have band class AGAIN during 5th period. I spend more time in the band room than I do anywhere else in the school.
Opinion on "American Pie"? I've actually never seen it, but I'd love to.
Favorite Key? Why? E-flat, because that means no sharps or flats when I'm on the bari.

The Other Stuff
Favorite singers/musicians/bands? I listen to a lot of asian music, which is unusual because I'm white. My favorite music group is BIG BANG from South Korea.
Favorite movies? I love Star Wars. And Pirates of the Caribbean. There are also a lot of Asian movies that I like, but I won't list them because I bet not everyone has seen them.
Favorite books? The Mediator series by Meg Cabot. By the way, there is a book called "Major Crush" by Jennifer Echols that's about two drum majors who fall in love, which is very similar to my current situation in band.
Favorite class? Honestly, I like Chinese class? But I have band twice a day.
Promotion here at my LJ

My parade ever.  I'm on the right. Obviously.  That's me in the very front in the Seattle Macy's Holiday Parade  There are now three drum majors, but I work hard to keep these two in line. They need someone to tell them what to do.  Me at the Seattle Macy's Holiday Parade.

By the way, anyone ever considered updating the look of this community? It's hard on the eyes, I would go with a little wider entry layout, maybe something with a banner. Just a suggestion. : ) 
EDIT: I just realized that the lj-cut didn't work the first time, but now I've fixed it.
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Yay Eb. amazing key. and the story was very cute!
Gosh this community seems dead. Top stuff applying to liven things up a little, lol.

I superlove your story, and the fact that there's practically a book about it. That's maaaad, haha.

Also you play so many darned instruments it's hard not to respect you, haha. Even if they are a tad clarinet-centric (I'm a flautist. There's a bit of friendly rivalry between the instruments at my school, not sure about in other places though lol)
oh there's always at least a little rivalry... people just don't understand that the clarinets are the best. i just can't understand why anyone could think otherwise :p