beautifullemy7 (beautifullemy7) wrote in 1sexybandgeek,

hey everyone

hey everyone! so im new to this community.i was so intrigued when i saw there was a 1sexybandgeek community,,..i was really excited..well im really glad to be here..let me just tell u alittle about me..ive been in band since 4th grade and currently im in 11 (junior)..when i first started i started as a flute player but last year my sophmore year in marching i switcht to baritone.even though is really heave and way different than the flute i love it so much..its really great.and my band is awesome..i mean im not saying it cause im in it freshman year we wer unbeaten and had a 1st place streak in 5A division we also won 1st states,and all states, my sophomore year we won 3 place nationals(5open), and this year we won 3rd place nationals yeah..let me stop im here becaue i think im not in the nerdy category of band lol.hardly anybody in our band is our nerd..on the contrary were all sexy..lmao
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