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Name: Lauren
Age: 18
Location: Chicago
Sex: Female
Hobbies: playing bassoon, smoking candy cigarettes, walking around at night, watching House MD

The Band Stuff
bassoon/contrabassoon, flute/picc, some electric bass and guitar

Years played?
five for bassoon, three for the contra
i switched from flute to bassoon at the end of 7th grade, but i played it in marching band (and picc next year at University of Iowa)
four years for electric bass, but that doesnt mean much considering i'm self taught and i only really play in pep band (...i did summer jazz twice)
two years on guitar also doesnt mean much considering i'm self taught. i know a my share of chords, but i mainly just dabble

i bought a trombone from the 1920s at an antique shop fo 30 bucks....i dabble on that too haha

What bands are you in (marching, concert, ensemble etc)?
Wind Ensemble, NVSO (our high school symphony orchestra), pit for the musical, pep band, marching band, Midwest Ensemble (we played at the Midwest clinic in 2007)

Ever been/are you a drum major?
haha back in middle school i tried out, but in high school i realized its over rated. i would much rather march!

What chair are you?
first for bassoon, but there was only two of us haha

Ever gone to band camp?
hell yes! marching band camp for school all four years...and the first double reed camp at ISYM at the university of illinois

Tell me a good band story.
last year my friend bonnie and i decided we wanted to have a little at school.  in the middle of our school there is an elevator. i randomly decided one day we were going to take our instruments in there and perform, because it was something i had always wanted to do. i wrote on "when the saints go marching in" for bassoon and tuba (basson on melody, tuba on 1 5 1 5 haha). when no one was looking we ran in there with a chair for my friend and a music stand for the music.
it worked out PERFECTLY. we hit the close door button and started playing, and the song finished right as the door opened when we reached the 2nd floor. we went up and down about 3 or 4 times and we laughed our asses off....until as the door was finishing closing on the 1st floor we heard a teacher yell "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" freaking out, we grabbed the chair and music stand and dashed out of the elevator the minute it hit the 2nd floor. we 007'd across the school with instruments and all and made it safely back to the band room. one of our directors was in there when we got back and asked us why we were so out of breath. we just told him, "if anyone wants to know, it wasn't us."

What makes you so much more band geeky than the other band geeks?
1) i ENJOY marching in parades (and our uniforms are wool)
2) i have synaesthesia
4) this past winter i arranged the march from the nutcracker for a bassoon quintet haha we played at our school's holiday concert
3) i just grduated from high school. i'm working at the summer band program there starting next week.

Opinion on "American Pie"?
never seen it, and have no interest to really

Favorite Key?
no questions about it- A-flat.
Ab and Db are my favorite notes on the bassoon in the low octave.

The Other Stuff
Favorite singers/musicians/bands?
always//animal collective, radiohead, coldplay, the names that spell...back in the day i was a huge my chemical romance fan.
recently//the smiths, the kills, arctic monkeys, kimya dawson, phoenix, grizzly bear

i love tchaikovsky...especially symphony 4 and 5
and Lincolnshire Posey by Percy Grainger (which i really hope to conduct when im a band director in 5 years >_< )

Favorite movies?
Donnie Darko, Charlie Bartlett, Star Wars, Edward Scissorhands, Little miss Sunshine, Infinite Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, any Hayao Miyazaki films

Favorite books?
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Catcher in the Rye, Madman Comics,The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, The Alchemist, Your Brain on Music, What the Buddha Taught

Favorite class?
band, what else?

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