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Name: Alicia
Age: 17
Location: Decatur Michigan
Sex: Female
Hobbies: bonfires, football game, chatting on the computer, spearing, hot tubbing, going out on the lake, watching movies with friends, and of course band

The Band Stuff
Instrument(s)? Clarinet, Alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and a little trumpet
Years played? 6 almost 7
What bands are you in (marching, concert, ensemble etc)? Marching Concert and hopefully jazz soon
Ever been/are you a drum major? no
What chair are you? first
Ever gone to band camp? Yes 4 times
Tell me a good band story. We were on our way home from a band competition in Hudsonville Michigan when our school bus broke down about 2 hours away from home. We had about 70 people in the band at the time so in order to get us all home all 70 of us had to fit onto one school bus. There were 3-4 to every seat, it got pretty crazy. It was probably the best night of my life,
What makes you so much more band geeky than the other band geeks? I spend all of my free time in the band room, im also taking an independent study class with our band director so I can practice my clarinet, our band this year is also a lot smaller than it was 2 years ago we went from 70 people to about 30, and quitting was not an option for me, we now have an amazing band director, we all have to work so much harder as individuals to be good, people make fun of me constantly for not quitting like everyone else, but I wouldn’t quit for the world
Opinion on "American Pie"? Its stupid enough said
Favorite Key? Why? E flat no particular reason, just like the way it sounds

The Other Stuff
Favorite singers/musicians/bands? Ender, Sense’s fail, T-pain, boys like girls, cute is what we aim for, robot love story, fall out boy, panic at the disco, The spill canvas, motion city soundtrack, any thing classical
Favorite movies? Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, Knocked up, varsity blues
Favorite books? Harry potter, the traveling pants series
Favorite class? Band
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At least 3 of yourself please.
Preferably at least one should be band required, but this is not required. our massage circle im the one in between the 2 girls in lime green shirts Me and our quad player at band camp (I make faces a lot haha) The seniors at dinner on our senior night the guy in the green shirt is our director

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